Kobe Bryant’s Trayvon comment

Pharrell Williams’ ‘new Black people’ comment

any African-American in the NBA or affiliated after Donald Sterlings’ comments



“…They done sent they boss over
put a bug in your ear
so now you crossed over
on MTV, but they don’t care
they’ll have a new ni**a next year…”–Mr. O’shea Jackson

I miss real brothers man…a dying breed indeed.





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If every Super hero has theme music. This is one of mine.  New Posts start next week.  If you hear any noise…






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The Seven Days


Inspirational Book: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison
Inspirational Person: Saint Ernesto Guevara

Inspirational Music: Ah Yeah by KRS-One


Quote(s): “Violence is not the monopoly of the exploiters and as such the exploited can use it too and, moreover, ought to use it when the moment arrives”–Ernesto Guevara

Robert and Mabel Williams

Robert and Mabel Williams


Deacons for Defense & Justice. Bogalusa, LA. Sepia, 1970, Ave Maria 1971, National Review, 1971.

Deacons for Defense & Justice. Bogalusa, LA. Sepia, 1970, Ave Maria 1971, National Review, 1971.


We lost Tuesday.

On the horizon of Wednesday.
And the rest of my days, I hope,
are weaks end.

It was a strong start though.






Use absence to increase respect and honor. ~16th Law of Power



What if…


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The answers would have been easy. We must never forget who we are and where we are.


New Dope.


(I have the day off. So I decided to blog (laughs).  As my allusion indicates, I have been working-alot. I’ll will give you all a write up when I post Bond 3.0 in a week or so. I still read the stats so I see you all are still reading me and I appreciate that. Soon.)-Bond.

When I was in undergrad, I wanted to be an A&R/producer. I did street team promos (flyers/posters) for a sec, but I would get bored w/ that.  Then I was hanging around studios, clubs, strip clubs, etc. with a bunch of industry heads and hanger-ons. Me and crew would go to talent nights and industry night functions to politic and be seen on scene, but eventually, that wears on anybody actually trying to graduate.

I interviewed for a ‘big’ internship up in NY, with a somebody who I later learned was related to a good friend of mine.  I didn’t get the internship, but I remember spazzing out because he was asking me about questions like my GPA (no, I do NOT have a 3.5, Onifade is no joke! LOL!) rather than questions about my music knowledge or the marketing/promotions work I had already done.  Guess I expected interview questions like, “Give me your favorite five albums and why”, “Make an argument for why Low End Theory is better than Midnight Marauders“, or “Gimme 8 bars”. I found out through family that it was nothing personal, my man was just fighting his way up the food chain like everybody else-all business, never personal, I can respect that.  Later, when I checked the liner notes for some of the albums that dropped the next quarter, I saw most of the names ending in ‘stein’ or ‘berg’ or some closely related surname similar as the intern who worked on the project. Hmm.

It’s no wonder alot of arts (music, film, journalism) sucks. Even in a city as large as New York, with so many so-called ‘writers’ and ‘bloggers’ living there, I have yet to hear, read, or view anything (a) I don’t already know about, (b) interesting.  Rather than living and learning through those experiences, you got a generation of eggheads and fallouts spouting on and on about a world they’ve never really lived in, thus, true talent becomes secondary to rants and musings of some failing writer espousing nothings on a job they just got or one they are struggling to keep and all the while the artist, the audience, and the culture suffer.

Eying talent is one of my talents. I know what people want.  The same way I blogged about the fab five and a documentary was made soon thereafter. The same way I told you Big Sean was nice. Your A$$ just don’t get it (laughs).

The guys posted below are next to blow. Breathe of fresh kush, air.

If they aren’t at least interviewed or signed shortly after this blog posts, all of your A&R’s should be fired along with every lame hired to write about music who are really a bunch of fanboys/girls hoping to get their big break/one-night stand moment with some of the artists they have in their Ipod.  That’s what happened to The Source remember?

An ugly reminder, from a handsome inspirer.

Originality. Rhymes. Beats. Lyrics. Life.  Your welcome.

Who else did you expect to put you up…..


PS–I will resume posting soon. Shout out to Virgin Media, Universal, Fox in Los Angeles and all the others viewing my blog for inspiration and opportunity. If the price is right, send me an email:



I’m still blogging.  I’m just really busy.  Work, Woman, and dodging weak ass lames is exhausting me. I am but a man. Besides, if I was writing, it would just be content for people who win ‘blog’ awards to steal, while trashing me in DM’s, gchats, and emails. I be knowing.

Nevertheless, I will return, cause God knows many of you have nothing to read until I do, bloggers got no reference to write.  I’ve made the shit uninteresting for everyone.

I will return shortly. My hiatus is based in part of my schedule and to allude to a point for a few posts that I have to write.



Bond. BlkBond.