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Not Allowed.


Inspiration: Successful by DrakeHow you livin’ by AZ feat. NasFast Life by Kool G. Rap feat. NasThe Flyest by Nas feat. AZ The line:“Wanna break bread with the cats that I starve with Wanna hit the mall with the same dogs I rob with Wanna be able to laugh with the n*ggaz that I cry […]

Inspirational Music:How Did You Get Here by Debra CoxI Need You by Lloyd ft. The DreamCentral Park West by John ColtraneMy Love by The DreamSweet Thang by Mary J. BligeSparks by ColdplayFirst Love by Carl Thomas Sweet Thang is the one and only song a woman has ever sang to me. I was in the […]



I’m in pin-striped grey slacks with black loafers and a white shirt with a v-neck sweater. I look like one of those John Legend clones. You know, that fashion look that seems to epitomize ‘upscale’ and ‘sophistication’ now. I’ve been dressing like this for a few years now; I saw this look back in GQ […]

…and another reason men don’t want to marry is your ability to deconstruct us while you continue to evolve. A woman’s indecisiveness is dangerous. Often times it seems like a woman’s decisions are torn between what she thinks, what she feels, and what she imagines. Men do not like this type of whimsical uncertainty. It […]

My apology


Loyal readers I apologize for the blog absence. I had 2 that I did not get to finish, with one I did not get to write. I am currently ‘on assignment’, so the adventure, insight, advice will continue early next week. I forgot to inform you all that if there are any topics or questions […]

Like me.


Inspirational: Just like Me by Jamie Foxx Inspirational Verse: “Streets is your girl/treat it like your wife/ you can flirt around with drugs/but don’t hit the pipe/you can mess around with guns/but death ain’t right/ hold your breath, next step/cause life ain’t right”–Whose Not To Be…, by The LOX (Styles P) from Money, Power, Respect […]

Damn T.O.N.Y!


Inspiration: T.O.N.Y by Solange “Could have been in love right nowIf it wasn’t for Tony” I like Solange. From what I have seen in the media, she is the typical younger sibling–outgoing, brash, and free-speaking in comparison to her older sibling. She is afforded the luxury of this because of the efforts of her parents […]