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Dee wants to meet me a Hooter’s. I have not been to a Hooter’s since undergrad, but, I indulge him because I’m home. I don’t want to be the bourgie ni**a with him. We go way back. I’ve known him since the 6th grade. At one point he was my ace, moreso than Gino. He […]

Thank you all


I want to express my appreciation to everyone who commented. Special Acknowledgement to the young lady who sent me the email (I appreciate it love, sincerely). My father is doing better. His health was more serious than we thought, so my mother will need my help here to help him do rehab/therapy, doctor visits, etc. […]

I have been at home. Initially I stayed over to move some of the stuff from my apartment here and to spend time with my brother who was visiting from Texas, but I have been here longer than anticipated because my father has been ill. I have a bunch on new posts in my head […]

Some women have asinine theories on dating. Today, I want to acknowledge and understand a female philosophy that troubles, bothers, annoys, and disappoints me to no end: Chastity for the good man. That is correct. Women, who are or were sexually active are withholding sex from the guy they have an interest in. I did […]

(This is a broad overview specific details have been omitted for revisiting–BlkBond) Down south, religion in as much apart of everyday living as the humid weather. This area is known as the ‘bible belt’. I hear many women speak about seeking a man who is church-going, strong-faith, relationship with God, etc. so I decided to […]

Lit & diffuse


Steve Harvey has done a number of the social stratosphere that is dating in Black America. Men are upset because Harvey is ‘giving up game’. Women are upset because Harvey is an average comedian once divorced who has taken it upon himself to become the dalai lama of dating whose guidance will provide a stable […]

I rarely drink anymore. As you grow older, drinking becomes the initiation from various things ranging from simply introductory conversations to new relationships-business and professional. More times than not as your education, qualifications, and skills ascend you will be among individuals who enjoy spirits. To decline would likely be an insult. Omitting your participation in […]