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My phone rings. It is a familiar number so I answer. “What’s the business counselor?” I said. “Go to (newspaper website) and click on the wedding announcements” says my friend. I log online to the ‘People’ page. I click the link to the wedding announcements to see one of my classmates. “Wow” I say outloud […]

“There was a timeWhen love was unchosenNow I’m just hopingFor moreI find myselfReaching outFor something better than I had before” –Maxwell, Lifetime Hmm. Deep. Maxwell. There is a new Maxwell album coming out in July, I trust that you all will support real artists with the purchase of their real albums. Maxwell has been the […]

loyal followers I understand I have been neglecting you. I may have actually lost some of you, but bare with me. Due to the unexpected events in my life I have had to reconsider my bar registration for Feb 2010. That’s right. I was a law student. Now I am a legal graduate trying to […]

My car requires midgrade gasoline. Midgrade gasoline is what is termed ‘plus’ at the gas pump or ‘the gas in the middle’. There are usually three grades: regular, midgrade, and premium. Sometimes I hear people refer to their gasoline by the octane rating (the number on the pump). For example, “Give me ten dollars worth […]

The Jackin’


Inspirational songs: I’m the shit Kanye West & DJ Class “You can learn how to dress just by checkin’ my fresh..” It’s this part of Swagger like us that I think of when I recall this incident.I enter the supermarket to pick up some items for my apartment. This is no ordinary supermarket, this is […]