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(Note: Whenever there are interactions between Me, Diddy, or J there will be lots of slick talk and profanity. This is the way guys speak. I have not omitted any thing, however, somethings are downplayed. Do understand that speak, slang, actions, etc. have no bearing on the character of each individual. Thanks in Advance–Bond) I […]

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

As requested, I will be posting the Vegas series. I am writing this to notify all that some places have been altered, personal features have been changed/amended, etc. Many events and actions will be down played. I usually write from a retrospective aspect to insulate myself from repercussions that could interfere with my well-being. This […]



Inspiration: Sistas & B***hes by Jay-Z, Blueprint 2 Interpolational quote: “Sistas love Jay cause they know how Hov’ is I love my Sistas I don’t love no bitch”—Sean Carter Trojans. Ruger P-series. Juris Doctorate & Bachelor’s degree. These are some of the things I protect myself with. There are things that I have no protection […]

My fault family. I have been out here something crazy. I am pondering whether I should post my adventures & thoughts from vegas, or if I should continue with some of my unfinished blogs, topics, life experiences, etc. Let me know. New post (non-vegas) will be up after midnight. Bond. BlkBond.