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The next two segments of the promiscuity series will be more explicit and graphic. I’m posting this interlude to give a heads up. I already seem to have been pegged the ‘ist’ (misogynist, masochist, elitist, chauvinist, etc.) of the Black Web (laughs). This interlude is to give you a forewarning. Be mindful, that I am […]

I lost my virginity when I was 11. The summer before 7th grade. More on that later. The truth is, I have always been a little promiscuous. Corruptible promiscuity-the type that influences the usually prudent to act recklessly. I think it has a large part to do with the factors I listed: (a) environment, (b) […]

Inspirational Songs: Mannish Boy by Muddy WatersRolling Stone by Muddy WatersSex on a Train by Tangerine Dream Inspirational Figures: James Bond (Sean Connery & Roger Moore)The Rat PackErrol FlynnIceberg Slim (Robert Beck) (Sorry for the hiatus fam’. I’m being watched like I live at Supermax and we are not even a couple. Pause. I’ve fucked […]