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Bond 2.0


(**Originally posted August 6th 2010**Some missed my memo. Maybe one of the miserable people can let the other miserables know.  This didn’t transfer when I changed blog formats. Careful. 😉  –Bond. “At the end of the day God damnit I’m KILLIN this shit Yall know DAMN WELL y’all feeling this shit…“—Yeezy, Power I’m back. Sort […]

Um, Yeah…


OK. I went out to watch football.  Football turned into drinks. Which turned into conversations. Conversations attract Women. And if you read my blog or know me, then…we know how this goes.  This weekend (Sunday?) I will complete the series so I can post my new joints.  I got too much living out here, seem […]



(Promiscuity pt 4 will be posted Thursday night/Friday morning at 1:12 a.m for password holders. This post is for all readers—new & old, loyals and infidels, real and fake. New readers, I’m trying to figure out how I will provide some of you new readers with passwords. I’m working on it—-Bond.) You think I’m trying […]