New School Throwback


I’ve been bangin’ Finally Famous Vol. 2 for over a year. I work out to Supa Dupa on repeat. I repeat the hook to Intro sometimes when we’re out socializing and some cutie is asking inquisitive questions. Vol. 3 is in heavy rotation now.

A lot of people are team J.Cole and they have a right to be, he’s nice.

However, I’m gonna place my bid for Big Sean. Reminds me of me and my friends. Reminds me of 93-99. When I saw this video I laughed, because I remember piling 6 deep in two door Monte Carlos & Delta 88’s driving to the liquor store to cop Special Brew & Boone’s Farm.

I remember girls who were sneaker heads who memorized every line of  Queen Bitch. I remember stumbling into parties blasting The Click’s Mr. Flamboyant as I dapped and hug my way through friends new and old.  I remember sipping Carlos Rossi at Doc’s house playing ‘the drunk game’ until the club let out (we weren’t old enough to get in) when we would be nodding deaf from that JVC knockin’ in the trunk.

I remember drunk freestyle battles among crew outside Fairstreet.  Hotboxing on our way to clubs like: Essos, Kaya, World Bar, Cream, and Ballyhoos.  I remember the Gentleman’s Club when R.Kelly came through.  I remember ‘secret’ house parties.

Big Sean makes me remember that.

Shout out to the new school.

I love trouble.

Poe up…

Bond. BlkBond.

PS—Shout out to the lead in the cable-knit dress, shorty in the indigo dress, and the live one with the short hair. Y’all Bond approved (laughs).


2 Responses to “New School Throwback”

  1. 1 Mimi

    lmao. lmao i was a sneaker chick… but i memorized all the lyrics to Mama Drama. And Hardcore. lmao. Classy. I know.

  2. I knew you were gonna be able to relate to something in this post. I can see you as a sneaker head because you mentioned something about 95’s a while back.

    I can see you gettin’ buck to Mama Drama also, LMAO!


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