I’m still blogging.  I’m just really busy.  Work, Woman, and dodging weak ass lames is exhausting me. I am but a man. Besides, if I was writing, it would just be content for people who win ‘blog’ awards to steal, while trashing me in DM’s, gchats, and emails. I be knowing.

Nevertheless, I will return, cause God knows many of you have nothing to read until I do, bloggers got no reference to write.  I’ve made the shit uninteresting for everyone.

I will return shortly. My hiatus is based in part of my schedule and to allude to a point for a few posts that I have to write.



Bond. BlkBond.


2 Responses to “Ahem”

  1. 1 amani

    dude. get to it. we be waiting.

  2. I took a long break from blogging and reading blogs. Mostly the hustle of life and the overload that comes with an alarming rapid-fire of circumstances I could never predict would become my reality.

    Coming back means coming here. And I can’t wait for you to return.

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