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  Inspiration: Kobe Bryant’s Trayvon comment Pharrell Williams’ ‘new Black people’ comment any African-American in the NBA or affiliated after Donald Sterlings’ comments     “…They done sent they boss over put a bug in your ear so now you crossed over on MTV, but they don’t care they’ll have a new ni**a next year…”–Mr. […]

Theme Music


If every Super hero has theme music. This is one of mine.  New Posts start next week.  If you hear any noise…           Back from the future…   The. Black. Bond.

The Seven Days


Inspirational Book: Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison Inspirational Person: Saint Ernesto Guevara Inspirational Music: Ah Yeah by KRS-One   Quote(s): “Violence is not the monopoly of the exploiters and as such the exploited can use it too and, moreover, ought to use it when the moment arrives”–Ernesto Guevara     We lost Tuesday. On […]




What if…


(repost from The answers would have been easy. We must never forget who we are and where we are. –Bond.

New Dope.


(I have the day off. So I decided to blog (laughs).  As my allusion indicates, I have been working-alot. I’ll will give you all a write up when I post Bond 3.0 in a week or so. I still read the stats so I see you all are still reading me and I appreciate that. […]



I’m still blogging.  I’m just really busy.  Work, Woman, and dodging weak ass lames is exhausting me. I am but a man. Besides, if I was writing, it would just be content for people who win ‘blog’ awards to steal, while trashing me in DM’s, gchats, and emails. I be knowing. Nevertheless, I will return, […]